AMS the World Leader in LED Curing Systems


The PEAK LED-UV Architecture

While other manufactures still downplay the readiness of UV LED curing, the PEAK LED-UV XP (eXtendable Profile) system architecture from AMS delivers revolutionary high power LED UV curing available today in a compact, solid state device at a fraction of the energy costs and complexity of conventional arc-lamp UV systems.

  • High intensity, pure, uniform LED UV curing energy delivered to work surfaces at distances up to 100mm away.
  • As much as 80% energy reduction compared to today’s high-power mercury UV and High Wavelength-type UV arc lamp systems.
  • Instant ON/OFF digital control of the lamp module eliminates warm-up time, and saves hundreds of hours annually.
  • No infrared of convention heat is emitted from the LED light source which protects the press and eliminates substrate issues.
  • Up to 20,000 hours and beyond from the LED UV chip diodes eliminates curing degradation and obviates the need for replacement bulbs.
  • High quality, solid-state, extruded aluminium design virtually eliminates costly down time and maintenance.
  • Compact system footprint with flexible driver options eliminates the need for invasive rows of power cabinets, controls, blowers and ducting.
  • Small, scalable, interchangeable UV LED curing modules are designed to integrate easily into all OEM equipment.
  • Multi-wavelength options allows choice and even blending wavelengths from 365, 375, 385, 390 and 395nm.

Why LED-Printing

Quality, Efficiency, Enviroment

LED Provides Instant Drying on Paper, Metalized Stocks, or Synthetics

  • No spray powder required
  • No marking issues on the press
  • No drying problems on multiple typers of stocks (gloss, matt, uncoated, board)

Higher Colour Brilliance and Real Paper Feel

  • Higher gloss levels achieved
  • Higher colour fidelity and sharpness achieved
  • No protection required from aqueous varnish

LED Light Generates No Heat to the Press or into the Sheets

  • Low pile temperatures
  • No sheet curling or registration issues
  • Freshness – no smell to the sheets

LED Power and Control Units are Compact and Energy Efficient

  • Require only 50% of the power of H-UV / LE-UV
  • Take up very little floor space
  • Segmented power output save more

“From digital to offset to flexo, AMS provides ultra high power LED-UV modules available for replacing mercury UV today”

LED is Absolute Green-Tech and 100% Future Compliant

LED UV curing is rapidly gaining ground and for all the right reasons in printing. LED UV brings the UV curing benefits while eliminating all of the drawbacks and objections of conventional UV. Compared to UV, HUV, HR-UV or LE-UV – all methods of curing that all rely on mercury lamps – LED removes the risk of Mercury of Ozone contamination and is 100% compliant with future bans on Mercury (Hg) for human safety.

LED-UV provided instant ON/OFF activation of the lamp, which means there is no warm-up or cool down cycle required with other forms of UV, and therefore no shutters required within the lamp housing that could stress or fail during repeated use. The result is no waiting time between press wash up cycles. LED is completely ready to print when you are.
In addition, the UV LED diodes within AMS XP systems provide up to 20,000 or more hours of constant, predictable energy output. Conventional UV lamps provide up to just 2,000 hours and they degrade from the moment they are put into production. H-UV, HR-UV and LE—UV lamps are iron doped, and as a result degrade even faster at 650 hours per lamp. It is no wonder that LED’s are quickly becoming THE choice for high speed curing.

Stocks, synthetics Papers and Plastics

When printing with LED UV and polymer inks, no spray powder or heat is required to accelerate drying time on the press. Expensive and problematic cylinder jackets are not required when printing in perfecting mode, and drying problems are eradicated on nearly all stock types, including gloss and matt coated papers, uncoated offset papers, paperboard for packaging, and plastics such as lenticular as well as most plastic packaging, card and label stocks.

Hear it from the customers!

“It’s straight into the bindery with LED”
“New markets have opened because LED”
“We increased our speeds to bindery, added more value work, and saved space”
“On difficult substrates it cures every time … and delivers perfectly flat in the delivery”
“We can now do in 7 hours what used to take us 12”
“We’ve seen a 35-40% productivity gain with LED”
“We don’t need powder or protective coatings anymore”
“We run a lot of styrene. We can turn sheets immediate without any distortion”