Rebuilding the top press brands in South Africa

Once again Printech is in the lead and very proud as far as rebuilding the top press brands in South Africa with our Second KBA RA 105 five colour with coater and extended delivery equipped with SIS and FPC and many more.

We are in the fortunate position to see the real innards and workings of both makes and can give thorough advice on the way forward.

Printech as before rebuild Heidelberg as well as KBA and still maintain their high standard and top quality alternative to new presses with the same guarantee.

See our next Highlight Open house in the early new year with many new ideas to be displayed.




PRINTECH partners with KINYO

A world leader in the production of Offset Printing Blankets

It gives us great pleasure to announce that as from 1 May, 2017, a strong, collaborative partnership with Kinyo is at the heart of Printech in their further development into the industry’s consumable market.

For all customers currently using the Kinyo blanket, they know the quality of the blankets and the value to their business. Kinyo leads the industry with innovative blanket development – Quality First!

The commitment from Kinyo is to continue developing and extend blanket life on press. Working in conjunction with major press manufactures the Kinyo R&D facility is working to develop the best blankets available for all machine types and applications.

Kinyo are committed to producing blankets that are friendlier to our environment and also pride themselves on the quality of their service and technical support. There are achievements as ISEGA certification for the global packaging market, packaging conventional, mixed & UV ink blankets have ISEGA approval, are safe to be used in the printing of food packaging.

Offset printing is highly technical due to to the often complex nature of the finished products. Innovation and brand recognition are key factors which drive the development of new and exciting materials and products that not only meet and exceed our customers requirements in terms of performance but also offer maximum value for money.

Printech will have a comprehensive range of Kinyo blankets that are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to give maximum performance and reliability for every application.

For information and enquiries please contact:

Printech: Cape Town: 021 556 0980 (Michael Petersen)
Johannesburg: 011 314 0230 (Bruce Saunders)
Durban: 031 701 3559 (George Beck)

Triumph Printing & Packaging latest installation

Triumph Printing & Packaging entrusts Printech for the supply of their Heidelberg XL 105 – 6 + LX. Printech has always recognized Triumph Printing to be at the forefront of technology, and during installation period, witnessed for ourselves that the plant operates as a first world European operation.

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Seeking Opportunities

“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want and if they can’t find them, they make them”, George Bernard Shaw

We at Printech have taken the above quotation literarily. We understand that the “the good old days” have gone and we have to find ways to continue to prosper. The market is constantly moving and we are sticking to our mission to be innovative with market changes and adapt ourselves to meet those changes.

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Another year gone

By all accounts, 2014 was a very difficult year for the Printing Industry in South Africa. The world is constantly changing and we at Printech are all too aware that we need to move with the change. This in itself has it’s challenges but we have remarkably had a very good year.

We are very fortunate to secure an export order to Angola. We have over the years sold one or two machines to our client in Angola. This order was to revamp two print shops in Luanda. The total order is for 16 machines. We have delivered 4 of the 8 40ft containers and the balance will leave in January 2015. Against the delivery of the first consignment, we have received an order for another 9 machines from the same client.

Parts of Africa are on a higher growth % than South Africa currently, so, these markets will be explored in 2015, and like any commitment taken by Printech, we will only bring this into our portfolio if it is seen as a benefit to us.

Working through partnerships with other reputable International dealers, we have successfully exported machines:

  • Heidelberg CD 102 – 5 + LX to Hong Kong
  • Heidelberg SM 74 – 5 P to Thailand
  • Komori 528 to China
  • KBA 105 – 8 P to Hong Kong
  • Mitsubishi to India
  • KBA 105 – 4 P to China
  • Roland 304 to Chile
  • Ryobi 524 to UK
  • Roland 606 to Mozambique
  • Roland 802 to India

The above exports were never part of Printech’s makeup in previous years, but a clear example how we have embraced change.

Exports of machinery now make up a good percentage of machine sales

We are strategically focusing on the supply of internationally recognized consumable products. With the team of Stuart, Rene, George and Michael, we have grown our consumable market 100% in the course of this year. We ensure we hold sufficient stock to meet our client’s demands, and offer a superior service. Coupled to this is that we are now a supplier for Eco Pressroom Products, which is also a proudly South African family business manufacturing consumables for the offset printing industry. They have exclusive distributor agreements with major first class worldwide manufacturers, which include Day and Perfect Dot blankets, along with pressroom requirements. We have set targets for the year 2015 and expect this division of our business to add significant value.

Our service divisions in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town have performed exceptionally well. In all 3 centres, the service staff were involved in factory moves as merging of companies took place or companies simply closed. Printech offers a 24 hour service in these centres, and as far as I am aware, we responded exceptionally well to the “call outs”.

The training of our young engineers is on-going. The training of the young apprentices is through the participation of rebuilding the equipment on the factory floor. They are exposed to the machinery being rebuilt from the bottom up. This exercise gives them an insight and perspective that few engineers will ever experience. It is our policy to ensure we only employ the finest engineers, thereby offering our clients a superior service. We therefore believe we have the finest engineering in the country.