1x GMP Thermal Laminator

Model: GMP Protopic Plus 520
Serial No.: UF46S3 0309
Ref. No.: 092506
Input Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60\Hz
Input Current: 12A
Power consumption: 2800W
Max Laminating Width: 520mm

1x Polar Lift LL-600-K-3

Year: 1990
Serial No.: 597 3085
Ref No.: 192 203

1x Polar Hand Guillotine 1.1 meter

Ref No.: 202203

1x New Plate Bender

Model: HD 52-102
Ref. No.: 062003

1x Polar Jogger

Model: RAL-4 BJ with counting scale
Year: 1987
Serial No.: 5787500
Ref. No.: 072003

1x Polar Stack Lift LW 600-3

Year: 1986
Serial No.: 567226
Ref. No.: 012005

1x Polar Jogger RAB-5

Year: 1993
Serial No.: 6381259
Ref. No.: 022005

1x Wohlenberg Three Knife Trimmer 44 FM 50 (Flowline)

Serial No: 3081-021
Year: 1981

– Mechanical speed of 20 – 50 piles per minute, steplessly adjustable.
– Maximum output per hour (SINGLE BOOKS) is at 3000. Piles of books can also be
run to allow for even higher output margins.
– Automatic infeed (can be operated manually as well).
– The material to be cut is brought manually or automatically onto the feeding
conveyor, automatically positioned and fed into the cutting station.
– A conveyor belt feeds single/pile of books to a synchronization station.
– Heads and spines of books are pushed by brushes against solid gauges until the
pile is gripped by the infeed gauge clamp, after which the books are fed into the
trimming station.
– Trimming is effected in one station, with constant full-surface clamping, which is an
important factor for accuracy.
– After trimming, the single book/piles of books are ejected rearwardly onto a
conveyor belt.
– Waste at trimming station is ejected below delivery table via a smooth chute.

1x Sigloch Book Block Nipping & Smashing Press NHG

Year: 1996
Serial No.: 13-019
Ref No.: 032101

1x Knorr RLA 3 Jogging Table

Ref No.: 062101

1x KALFASS shrink wrapper

Ref No.: 212 203

1x RIMA Stacker RS-10125

Year: 2005
Serial No.: 108067-10
Ref No.: 222203

1x Single Head Uchida Paper drill

Model: D-5
Serial No.: 050403
Ref. No.: 042207

1x Fuji Luxel VX-9600 CTP Processor

Year: 2005
Ref. No.: 112406

1x Herzog & Heymann KL112 Vertical stacker delivery

Year: 2000
Serial No.: 177-975
Ref. No.: 072412