The early years

As far back as 1981 it was clear that South African printers would find it increasingly difficult to buy a Printing Plant from a First World country, because of the exchange rate system. Thomas van den Oever had an innovative and revolutionary approach to this problem. His solution was to establish a factory that would import used Heidelberg printing presses, refurbish them to an as-new condition and supply them at a more affordable price.

Setting a printing precedent
Printech was established and became a South African brand name and a force within five years as it proved that a refurbished press could perform as efficiently, last as long and produce the same quality as a new press.

Empowered employees
The rapid growth that Printech has experienced over the years would have been impossible had we not from the outset appreciated the importance of thorough training and invested heavily in it. Printech employees are regularly sent to Germany where they assist with the repairs of the world’s finest presses. Given Germany’s exceptionally high standards, our engineers, technicians and apprentices return to South Africa empowered to raise local standards in the printing industry, thereby keeping abreast in the ever-changing world of technology.

Quality, dedication and professionalism, pride in our work and a desire to satisfy our clients – these are Printech qualities.