Machine Moving

Printech offers moving and rigging of printing and bindery equipment as well as other related printing machinery and entire printshops.

When you need to install, move or relocate your machinery you are in effect putting your investment at risk. The downtime alone has usually been planned to the last second in order to minimize lost machine time.

We can take charge and remove the stress to minimise your down time and loss of production. If printing equipment is not positioned correctly and tolerances do not match as per the manufacturer’s specifications the production of printing equipment can be affected by serious costly damage due to misalignment. Endless downtime and loss of production can loom in the future. We liaise with our clients to inspect the proposed premises beforehand to ensure the floor can take the loading and that there is adequate operational space. The correct power connections also have to be taken into account.


Printech has extensive experience in moving printing equipment as well as entire printshops. We have qualified staff specialized in operating forklifts, ranging from 4 ton to 20 ton, and rigging equipment to participate in any such relocation. All machines that are to be relocated are secured to wooden bases in order to secure the units on the typically South African truck that have metal toped trailers which are hazardous to loading machinery if not properly stowed.


Contact Printech for any assistance you might need with the moving of your printing plant, no matter whether in Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg. We can put our extensive experience of machine moves and factory relocations to use. You will be in safe hands and we will have your company up and running again as soon as possible.