Sylko (Pty) Ltd in Durban

Sylko, being an “In House” printing operation was always under the radar and was never in Printech’s sights. But it turns out to be a wonderful story, in that I received a call from Michael Attwood , the Commercial Director at Sylko, enquiring if there is anyone available to travel with him to America to investigate a Heidelberg SM 102 – 5 P. My immediate response was, ”why would you want to fly to America to investigate a press, when you only need to fly to Cape Town and see a similar press”?

And so the conversation started

The end result is Printech installed a Heidelberg SM 102 – 5 P + L (5 colour with coater) at Sylko’s Prospection plant in Durban. The order was placed by Michael, subject to Sylko’s paper substrates running through the machine within a tight “make ready” standard. A team from Sylko travelled to Printech’s factory in Cape Town and witnessed the machine producing within the constraints set by Sylko’s management team.

The installation in Durban went well and am pleased to report that Sylko are a very satisfied customer. Michael Attwood is very pleased with the end result and is comfortable with the support that Printech offers. Michael’s comment to me is that we have amazing staff and it’s that which sets us apart from other suppliers in the industry.

I have always said, that a new client to Printech offers an amazing opportunity to grow with that customer. I am further convinced that we will enjoy the growth of Sylko.