Baumann Wohlenberg Guillotine



Model: 115 High Speed Guillotine
Serial No.: 3095-034
Ref. No.: 032505



  • Electric installations for 400V, 50 Hz, 3 Phases.
  • Cutting-line light and pre-clamping function.
  • Hydraulic clamping.
  • Self-monitoring light guard.
  • Programmable clamping pressure (can be adjusted to the actual cutting width).
  • Cover plate for clamp beam.
  • Simultaneous two-hand cut control device.
  • CE-conform knife safety control.
  • Self-monitoring diagnostic software.
  • Ethernet interface / USB-interface.
  • Mechanical non-repeat device.
  • 2 HSS knives and 10 cutting sticks 10 x 4,5mm.
  • Plexiglas rear-table cover.
  • Stroke limitation.
  • CIP Data Module.
  • GS and CE-marks.
  • Modern control panel with a high-resolution 19” widescreen (16:10) TFT-colour-display in combination with touch-screen, arranged in an easy-to-overview central position for easy access, clear-text and graphic display, memory capacity: up to 30.000 programs.
  • Tools, operator’s manual, spare-parts catalog and wiring diagram.

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