MBO K65/4 KT-L



Refurbished MBO K65/4 KT-L

Year: 1988



–       Flat Pile Feeder with MBO Vaculift feeder head.

–       Perforated belt style suction wheel.

–       6 fold rollers, 4 buckleplates.

–       2 electronic crossfold knives, with additional buckleplate after 1st crossfold.

–       Effective working width on rollers of 650mm (950mm x 650mm format)

–       Slitter/perforating shafts after first set of rollers.

–       Slitter/perforating shafts after 1st crossfold knife.

–       Original MBO sheet control.

–       Batch counter.

–       Shingle delivery table


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