Refurbished MBO K800.2 S-KTL/4


Refurbished MBO K800.2 S-KTL/4 with R800 Continuous Feeder and SBAP 46 ME Vertical Stacker Delivery


  • Year: 2009
  • NAVIGATOR-Control Touch Screen.
  • Safety/Noise dampening unit.
  • Pneumatically driven VACUKNIFE.
  • Slitter shaft cassette instead of conventional shafts with plug bearings.
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Antistatic lattice-type alignment table.
  • Sheet infeed and sheet alignment system VIVAS.
  • 4 stainless steel buckleplates with swing deflectors.
  • Belt drive system throughout the machine, resulting in lower maintenance and less noise.
  • Better access to foldrollers and slitter shafts by swivelling the crossfold section to the top and by pulling out the threefold section.
  • Sheet guidance with special belts, brushes and high-speed-wheels in the crossfold and threefold sections allows sheet alignment without side registers.
  • Synchronous opening of fold rollers in crossfold and threefold sections.
  • Perforating, scoring and cutting devices for standard works.
  • Vertical Stacker Delivery is equipped with a pressing unit and marking device.


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